Tea Time


Prepare the tea

Measure the required amount of tea ( see packaging) for your cup and pop it into a tea infuser/bag.

For a pot of tea use an additional spoon.

Add Water

You find your "tea base" on the back of your package. Add water in the said temperature.

Let it steep

Now you need to wait a little. In the meantime prepare your reading spot or just nibble at some sweets.

Remove tea

After the tea steeped it is time to remove the infuser or bag. You can also pour the tea into a new mug over a sift to get rid of any leaves.


We like to keep things simple for our finished tea. However, you can customize it as you wish to– prefer a latte or an iced tea? Follow the tips on the back of your tea package. And that's it! Enjoy your Bookish Teas and have a wonderful day.