The tea is sent in bags, sealed with a clip ensuring nothing of your loose tea is getting out.

 All packages are eco friendly and recyclable.


The sizes vary as we measure out 8 oz of loose tea– for the standard sized bags and 3 1/2 oz for the small pouches, and depending on tea volume the ultimate weight changes. The weight includes 8-9 grams of package weight.


To keep shipping costs at a low for all of our customers we define the costs by total weight of your order.

Sometimes you can get multiple teas for a cheaper shipping– and on other times it's one tea that can bounce you straight up into the next shipping class. 

In order to see how much shipping is you will need to check your shopping cart during checkout.


The time it takes for your order to arrive varies from the amount of products in your cart and the service. Usually international shipping takes 2-7 weeks, depending on how well connected your home place is to the nearest postal station.


Unfortunately we only offer tracked shipping for the tea boxes. However if you wish to have a tracked package send us a mail and we will see what we can do– depending on order size!

Order is damaged

If you received your order and it damaged please do not hesitate to take immediate pictures and e-mail them us, with your order number to: help@bookishteas.com and the headline "Damaged Order". Any mail that does not include that heading we can't check, therefore won't be able to work something out!


We will see what we can do and e-mail you back once we have taken the damage of your order into consideration.

Please understand that there will be no sort of refunds for e-mails without proof of damage.

Order hasn't arrived yet

International shipping can take quite some time as our teas are send in a secure box via DHL International "Maxi-Letter". This allows us to ship your order as a letter postage which is the cheapest shipping option available.


Of course this might take some time– but we also ask you to consider customs. It could be that your order is stuck at customs therefore please, always (!) check if your country allows the importation of loose leaf tea! We do not refund orders that cannot pass customs.


If your order hasn't arrived within 2 months please contact us immediately and we will see what we can do– although our hands are bound if your order had no tracking. We cannot promise a full refund.


Are your teas vegan?

Most are!

Any tea including caramel or other sweets might not be vegan. Please reach out to us if you're unsure– this also goes for glucose and lactose intolerant questions.

We are trying to include these details into the description of the teas but it might take some time, so please ask us to make sure!

Brand Ambassador


"I would like to represent your tea in xy. Would you be interested in that?"

As much as we would love to see you representing our teas we can't get into a business call and accept brand ambassadors.


We offer rep-searches every 6 month, if you would like to be a part of Bookish Teas and share your experience join! Aside of that we are not actively looking for ambassadors.

However you can always review your tea on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook…anywhere! We would love to see what you think.